What Is Visual Branding?

What is Visual Branding? | Think Visually Design Studio

Visual branding is one piece of the brand identity puzzle. It is made up of the visual elements of your brand identity.

Visual branding is important because it is a powerful way to help convey your brand’s personality and help your ideal client and target audience recognize your brand as potentially one they might consider working with.

What Are the Main Elements of Visual Branding?

Some of the more common aspects of visual branding include the following.

Logo – the visual mark that represents the brand. It can be a wordmark, lettermark or traditional icon logo. Examples of each are shown below.

Wordmark logo Lettermark logo Icon logo

Typography & Fonts – the font styling and combination of fonts your choose for you visual branding should support your brand’s personality. What are the emotional qualities you are trying to convey in your brand to your target audience? Font styling helps to visually communicate this information if well chosen. You can read more about fonts and typography here.

Take a look at the two font combinations below. Both font combination could be used for a feminine brand. However each combination tells a very different story and provide a very different mood and effect.

Font combination Font combination

Color Palette or Color Scheme – Colors and color combinations are a powerful way to help convey a brand’s personality. Take a look at the three simple color schemes below. All three contain a color or shade of pink. But each is very different in mood, intensity and message because of the shade/tone of the color pink used, as well as the other colors it is paired with.

Color scheme Color scheme Color scheme

Texture & Patterns – Like fonts and color schemes, textures and patterns are a quick and direct way to help convey the personality of a brand. Take a look at the two images below. Aside from the colors, the textures and patterns in each help convey strong messages about these brand’s personalities.

 Texture & pattern Texture & pattern

Photographs & Imagery – Obviously if you can take your own photos, you will have an excellent opportunity to style the photographs used in your visual branding. However, not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer, and not everyone is adept at taking good photos. If you don’t have the ability to take your own photos for your visual branding then you’ll need to use either the free or premium stock photos that are available online. With some creativity, your photos and imagery can be “on brand” and support your brand’s personality.

In addition to the two shown above (textures & patterns), below are a few examples of stock photos that have been designed specifically to match a brand’s visual identity.

Branded images Branded images Branded images

How To Create Powerful Brand Identity With Visual Branding

There are primarily three things you can do to make certain your visual branding powerfully serves your business and brand identity.

(1) Make certain your visual branding is distinctive and stands out as uniquely your own. Your visual branding should stand apart from your competition so much so, that your target audience can know at a glance that it belongs to your brand.

(2) Make certain your visual branding personifies your brand’s personality and evokes an emotional response. It should contribute to and enhance your brand identity, not confuse or conflict with it.

(3) Make certain your visual branding is consistent across all visual branding elements, and that it is applied consistently everywhere your brand shows up online and off.

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