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The Inspiring Creative, also known as the Creator archetype is the 8th in a series of 12 brand archetypes I’m discussing in my blog. If you’re struggling with your branding, my hope is you’ll “see” yourself in one of these archetypes and can use the information to begin developing your own brand’s personality.

The Inspiring Creative (or Creator) is unconventional and always looks for original and authentic ways to express herself. This expression can come through traditional artistic forms like visual art, writing, music, dance and performance.  But the archetype can also show up anywhere and with anyone who looks at the world in unique and different ways and has an intense desire to create something from nothing. Through her ingenuity, inventiveness, imagination and risk-taking boldness, she can inspire others to find and follow their own creative spark.

Also Known As…

The Inspiring Creative is also known as the Creator, the Artist, the Storyteller, the Visionary, Avant-Garde and Dramatic.

At Her Best…

She is a walking personification of imagination, curiosity and self-expression. Her life mission is continually seek out news ways to express herself. Because of this, she helps others find their own creative spark. She promotes authentic self-expression and through the way she lives her life, she inspires others to imagine, create and invent.

At Her Worst…

She is a perfectionist and has a fear of not being original. This attitude, when taken to the extreme can consume her life as she compares herself to others to see if she is more unique, more different, more special, etc. than others.  She has a hard time creating anything for fear of being rejected or seen as a fraud.

The Main Purpose of This Brand Archetype

The main purpose of the Inspiring Creative brand archetype is to create new forms of self-expression that did not exist before. Her purpose is to create something new out of nothing. To make manifest the dreams, visions and imagination, and bring them into the real world.

Best Suited For…

  • The types of businesses best suited to the Inspiring Creative brand archetype are artists, performers and storytellers of all kinds.
  • This brand is perfect for creativity coaches and art therapists.
  • It is ideal for businesses that sell products or services that help foster creativity, self-expression and innovation.

Marketing Niche

  • The Inspiring Creative archetype appeals to clients who are seeking ways to be more creative and foster their own self-expression.
  • It also appeals to clients attracted to the “do it yourself” mentality.

Traits & Attributes for the Inspiring Creative

  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Artistic
  • Expressive
  • Inventive
  • Visionary
  • Idea Generator
  • Curious
  • Inspired
  • Inspiring
  • Risk-taker
  • Open-minded
  • Bold
  • Striking
  • Confident
  • Intense
  • Original
  • Authentic
  • Refined Visual Aesthetic
  • Non-conformist
  • Unusual
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Unexpected
  • Experimental
  • Intuitive
  • Vocal
  • Communication
  • Walt Disney
  • Doc Brown in the movie Back to the Future
  • Jerry Mulligan in An American in Paris
  • Jo March in Little Women
  • The Lego Movie
  • The movie La La Land

Is Your Brand the Inspiring Creative?

Can you see influences of the Inspiring Creative brand archetype in your business? Still not sure? Then keep reading. I’ve got 4 more blog articles to go as I discuss the 12 main brand archetypes that could be influencing your business.


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