The BIG Questions You Need to Answer for Your Brand

As business owners there is always something we need to do. Questions we need to answer and things we need to figure out and decide on. Your branding and brand identity are a big part of this, particularly in the beginning.

So many small business owners stumble on this part because they think they have to have all the answers, crystal clear, from the get-go. Since they don’t (and really can’t) a lot of you keep walking in circles, never really starting, or you just ignore these BIG questions and keep moving forward without a roadmap to follow.

In the next few posts I’m going to talk about the BIG questions and the small questions and the questions in between you need to answer in order to understand and develop your business’ brand identity.

What are the BIG Questions?

These are the questions that may take years to answer. Or they may be constantly evolving as you circle back to them time and again. They aren’t really written in stone because as your business evolves so will your understanding and responses to these questions.

What do you want to be known for in your business?

The answer to this will probably change and evolve as your business does. It’s hard to see where you’ll be in 5 years. At that place in the future, your perspective and experience will be very different than it was on day-one of starting your new business. But start where you are and dream as big (or not) as you feel comfortable dreaming. What do you want to be known for in your business?

Just like the question below “What is your why,” it doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering answer. You might want to be known for offering amazing “white-glove treatment” service, where you provide not only a top quality service to your clients but an unforgettable experience that makes them feel like they are a queen. THAT is something good to be known for.

What value does your business give to others?

When it comes to pricing and your position in the marketplace, it really is about the value you provide others via your services, products, courses, etc. The primary thing you must focus on in all your content, marketing and products/services is not you, your business or your services/products. I know that sounds counterintuitive. Unless you’ve been referred by someone else,  your potential client isn’t searching the web looking for YOU specifically. They are looking for a resolution to a problem they face. The focus is about THEM, their pain, their problem, their life. Not you. Consequently, your content, marketing and frame of reference for everything you say and do should be about your ideal client – their needs/desires, the problems they need to solve, the issues they face. You offer the solution to their problem. You are the Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi to their Luke Skywalker. So yes, talk about the value your products and services provide, but do it within the context of your ideal client.

What is your why?

The question is related to why do you do what you do? And why do you want to own your business, doing what you do?

The answer to this doesn’t have to be profound, like you want to save the world or cure cancer. It can deeply personal, like “I want to be able to work from home so I can care for my new baby while I bring in extra income.”

That is a perfectly reasonable and valid why. But it could be something that expands outside of yourself/your family to your community, tribe and even the world. Don’t negate your why, however lofty or grounded it may be.

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