Client Love

Karen ParkinKaren ParkinBritefire

If I look at the projects we have worked with Kerry, I am immensely proud of them all. They all stand head and shoulders above others and I know it is because Kerry has made it special because of her immense attention to detail as well as her consummate professionalism and quest for quality and something outstanding. Her standards are extremely high, and she measures herself by her own high standards. You will always learn from Kerry. She is a rare and talented person and a consummate professional that you can trust to do the work and to do it better than you could ever imagine.

John InverarityJohn InverarityAlive and Pure

Having Kerry build my website was one of the best business decisions I have made. I get compliments all the time on how professional and great my site looks and it is one of the better looking websites in my industry. If you need a brand new site or an update, then I highly recommend hiring Kerry to help you and your business grow.

I highly recommend Kerry! On top of being fabulous to work with, she gave me much-needed guidance which helped to steer my coaching website redesign in a better direction.  I did a lot of research before choosing her as my web designer, and I'm soooooo glad we ended up working together.  She really knows her stuff and has a no-nonsense approach‚ which I greatly appreciate‚ and gave me sound business advice along the way. She calls it her ‚ mean nanny‚ advice! And it was very helpful. I have received so many compliments about my new website from friends and strangers alike...and most importantly: I absolutely love it. Her services are a great value and I'm so happy with the results! Thank you so much, Kerry!

Wow Kerry, THANK YOU soooo much! My website is so awesome. I am so happy with it. I can't say THANK YOU enough. A dream come true and a bucket list item checked off my list. Thank you so very much. I wished I could reach through the computer and give you a HUGE HUG!!!!

Pamela BarberPamela BarberJ.P. Morgan Chase

Kerry was hired as a consultant at J.P. Morgan Chase to help us design and produce marketing and training videos to introduce the new concepts and enhancements being applied to the existing workstation.

It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated and passionate about her work. Kerry understands the complete creative lifecycle, asked questions and helped us established a clear graphic vision.

Kerry went above and beyond to make sure our projects were delivered on time. She was very proactive at dealing with and troubleshooting difficulties under tight timeframes.

Using her exceptional creative talents in Flash and Photoshop, her input helped us take the multimedia concepts we envisioned from scratch to the prototype we still use in the training library platform to this day.

Sheridan AlfordSheridan AlfordSpring Branch ISD

During Kerry's employment as an Educational Technology Coordinator, she was responsible for developing and implementing professional development and training over new technology hardware and software teachers used in Spring Branch classrooms. This position requires a great deal of expertise and creativity.

Kerry not only developed the training and a program for district level trainers, she also produced manuals in the absence of manufacturer manuals for the interactive whiteboard and learner response systems that were being deployed in our district.

Kerry is self-directed and detail oriented, her thinking is outside of the box, and she has a very creative approach to solving problems. Her knowledge and expertise in multimedia, Web Literacy, and Web 2.0 tools and ability to convey complex technology concepts to non-technical individuals far surpassed that of anyone else in the district during her time in this position. Kerry was a change agent at a critical time in Spring Branch ISD.

Kerry has assisted me with several client projects and I can't thank her enough for her attention to detail, the recommendations she offers that she feels are best for the outcome of the project, and her promptness in getting these projects completed on time. It's rare to find someone who has all these qualities and I can't thank her enough. Kerry is definitely, my go-to person!

Kerry is a super professional. The fact that we are in two different countries was not an issue; emails went backwards and forwards with the job sorted, quoted, sampled and approved within a few days.

Kerry consulted up and was spot on with her suggestions and provided all the graphics I needed for The VA Project.

The entire project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. I would recommend anyone looking for design work to Kary for all of the above reasons. I look forward to working with Kerry again in the near future.

Kerry was absolutely amazing to work with. I had been slogging away on my own attempting to do a blog makeover, and not being a techophile was running into one brick wall after another. Needless to say when I contacted Kerry, my list of tasks that I needed help with was quite long. And by "help" I mean "Please, please, please do this for me so I never have to look at my own css file again."

Kerry exceeded every hope and expectation. She communicated clearly and frequently about progress, and was FAST! She was as committed to a quality end result as much as I was, which is saying a LOT. She made my site beautiful in full screen & on mobile responsive screens.

Kerry can attest that techie work is not part of my skillset. She patiently talked me through the terminology and decisions to get me where I wanted to go. It would have taken me months to accomplish what she tackled in a few days. The speed at which she knocked out my massive to do list made the investment VERY worth my while. I'm able to focus on the things that I do well, and I was back up and running quickly with an AWESOME remodeled site that my audience and I both love!

And did I mention that she is a GENIUS at Genesis themes? Seriously. She is. And she even solved a long standing issue I'd had with the Pinterest widget, which I forwarded to the company to fix on their end. Kerry is no run of the mill VA. She is more along the lines of a Developer/Genesis goddess. I look forward to working with her again on future projects!