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Corporate Software Training with Workshop Intro

Corporate Software Training

Due to the nature of this project, I am unable to provide actual samples or links to my work


I was asked to develop online training and software demos for a large financial organization. My work consisted of three main deliverables. The first was an introductory video that would be presented at various technology workshops. The second was online training for the application itself. And third, short 15 second intro videos built into the software application that would announce and briefly explain new features as they were released.

The primary problem was that the application was not fully functional and had no data. Consequently, screen capture software like Captivate or Camtasia could not be used. Screens of the applications were built in Photoshop based on descriptions by developers and requirements by project managers. The screenshots were then populated with “dummy” data.

The training was scenario based and the requested design was one that would catch and hold the attention of the end-user. In other words, they wanted to go beyond simple (and sometimes boring) straight-forward training of software demos. I came up with the concept of using a consistent character throughout the introductory video, small video announcements and training itself. This character would represent the typical employee using the new application in their day to day tasks of doing their job.

My work on this project included the following: visual/graphic design, voice over narration, audio editing, visual asset gathering, assembly of software simulations, and Flash timeline animation.

Software / Tools Used: Adobe Flash, Adobe Audition and Photoshop

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