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Problem:  A successful marketing and training firm wanted to position themselves as the innovative, modern cutting-edge agency they were, and needed a website and online presence to reflect that.

Solution: A newly organized and redesigned WordPress website with refreshed visual branding and custom illustrations.

  1. Combine the content of three websites into one.
  2. Develop their new website using the WordPress CMS to make it easy to update their site’s content.
  3. Add an integrated events calendar so their training schedule was always up-t0-date with their latest offerings.
  4. Develop a complex registration form for training classes.
  5. Refresh the visual branding to reflect a modern, cutting-edge business.
  6. Create custom illustrations for each of the training courses that can be used both online and large-scale printing.

Website  Redesign

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If I look at all the projects Britefire has worked on with Kerry, I am immensely proud of each and every one. They all stand head and shoulders above other projects. It's because Kerry has made each one special due to her immense attention to detail, consummate professionalism and quest for quality and something outstanding.

Her standards are extremely high, and she measures herself by her own high standards. You will always learn from Kerry. She is a rare and talented person and a consummate professional that you can trust to do the work and to do it better than you could have ever imagined.

Karen Parkin : Britefire

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