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Custom designed WordPress theme + brand refresh + customized branded graphics

Website Redesign
Custom WordPress Theme
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Brand Refresh
Branded Graphics

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Problem:  A growing business whose website no longer supports the growth and target audience the owner wants to attract. A DIY website that served its purpose at the beginning stages of a new business, but cannot support the direction the owner wants to now go.

Solution: A clean, professional and beautiful website redesign that better reflects the personality of a wellness coaching business and brand, and one that can support a growing business now, and into the future.

  1. Move the website off of to a self-hosted WordPress website.
  2. Refresh the brand logo, colors and fonts to more aptly reflect a health and wellness business.
  3. Design and build a modern and professional looking website that is responsive across all platforms.
  4. Add branded graphics throughout the website to unify the design and create a clean, cohesive and professional brand.

Website  Redesign

Homepage  Design

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Inside Page  Design

Logo Redesign & Brand Refresh

Branded Graphics

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Having Kerry build my website was one of the best business decisions I have made. I get compliments all the time on how professional and great my site looks and it is one of the better looking websites in my industry. If you need a brand new site or an update, then I highly recommend hiring Kerry to help you and your business grow.

John Inverarity: Alive & Pure