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Redesign For Health & Wellness Coach Website

Custom designed WordPress theme + brand refresh + customized branded graphics


John, at Alive & Pure, contacted me when he was ready for a new website. He wanted a site that reflected his growing business. He had been in business a few years and felt his website's design wasn't helping him to stand apart from his competition.

He liked his existing logo, but wanted it updated to match his brand's new colors.

John's website was hosted with using their business hosting plan. The website and it's content was easily copied to one of my development servers for the redesign process. That way he could keep his existing website live and online while his new site was built.

When his website's redesign was complete, he purchased hosting from a new host provider and transferred the domain name from

I transferred the redesigned website to his new host provider, and in less than two hours, his new coaching website was published and live on his domain.

Since John already owned his domain name and we left his website's structure the same, he didn't lose any SEO "juice" from the redesign or site transfer. A few page redirects were created for a few pages and blog articles that were deleted.

Now John has a clean, professional and beautiful website that reflects the personality of his coaching business and brand. More importantly, it supports his growing business now, and into the future.

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Having Kerry build my website was one of the best business decisions I have made. I get compliments all the time on how professional and great my site looks and it is one of the better looking websites in my industry. If you need a brand new site or an update, then I highly recommend hiring Kerry to help you and your business grow.
John at Alive and Pure