My Process

You might be wondering what it will be like if you hire me to design or redesign your business’ website. Although no two web projects are exactly the same, the process outlined below indicates a general way we’ll work together.

Web design is a collaborative effort. It is my job to steer the process and build an amazing website for your business. But I can’t do it alone. No one knows your business better than you.

  • 01. Get the process started
    Go to the Get Started page and fill out the form . Provide as much information as you can on the form so I can better understand your needs, and we’ll be able to make the most of our time during your free strategy call.
  • 02. Free strategy call
    Our call will take place over Skype. I need to hear what your goals, desires, and dreams are for your business and brand. If you are investing in a web design project, it’s important that you already have a brand and a business in place. Your business can be fairly new or established. But do you actually have something to sell or a service to offer? This free session will answer at least four questions: (1) What are the goals, desires and dreams for your business? (2) What services do you need to meet those goals? (3) Can I help you? (4) Are we a good fit to work with one another?
  • 03. Sign the contract
    If we decide to move forward, I’ll create a project proposal that will detail exactly what I will deliver to you and your investment. Once you sign the contract and send your first payment, work on your project will begin.
  • 04. Planning & strategy
    During our 2 hour planning session we’ll fine-tune the needs and goals you have for your business and website. This stage of the process is probably the most important of your project. Typically, both brand and content audits are necessary.
  • 05. Gather & create resources
    This stage of the process is probably the hardest. It’s important the project doesn’t run off the rails due to unnecessary delays. We’ve already done a brand and content audit. Now it’s time to gather all the content, resources and assets you currently have. If needed, you’ll write additional content or hire someone to write it for you. If you need visual branding, this will be the time that I begin that work.
  • 06. Website mockups & prototype
    Design mockups and/or a prototype will be created of your new website. They will help you see what your finished site will look like and help us both find a visual language to “speak” to one another as we finalize the design of your website. Once you approve of the design mockup or prototype, I’ll move forward with building your actual website.
  • 07. Website build & development
    Your website will be built on my development server so you can view the site while it is being built. We will communicate with one another via an online project management system so you can provide feedback while your site is being built. If needed, we’ll have strategy sessions via Skype to stay connected. The goal here is for there to be no surprises (or disappointments) on the day your site goes live. It is very important that you play an active role in this stage of your website’s creation.
  • 08. Test & deploy
    Before your site is moved to your web server, it’s important to test every link and view every page on the site to make certain everything looks and works as intended. Only after everything checks out, I’ll move your website to your web hosting server where everything will be tested again.
  • 09. Support
    Because no two websites are exactly the same, after your website is up and running I’ll provide a video recorded walk-through of your new website and how it works. You’ll also have access to WordPress training videos and access to my Resource Library of guides, worksheets and resources. If you’d like help managing your site and keeping it running, you can also signup for a monthly website care plan.
  • 10. Celebrate!
    We did it! Your new website is online, live and it looks awesome! It’s time to celebrate, make announcements to the world, promote your new website and offerings – and party! Congratulations!

Visual Branding & Design

Should your web design project require updating you brand’s identity (visual branding), the process will involve a few extra steps before the actual work on your website. We’ll start with creating the assets and collateral for your new visual branding, as well as a moodboard and visual style guide.

Do you need a new website​ for your growing business?