The Hopeful Initiator Brand Archetype

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The Hopeful Initiator brand archetype (also known as the Innocent archetype) is one of the 12 main brand archetypes I will discuss in the coming weeks. Along with delving a little deeper into each brand archetype, I want to provide some information on what businesses might best be suited for each archetype and what types of clients are attracted to working with each particular brand archetype.

I will also provide some examples of visual branding (fonts, color schemes, etc.), brand voice (message, tone, content, style of communication, etc.) and design resources and ideas for each brand archetype.

The Hopeful Initiator (or the Innocent) brand archetype inspires us to look to the future and dream of something more and something better. She is a gentle force of nature that triggers the unlimited potential of new beginnings. Her optimism and eternal youth provides the fuel to help us move towards the future we wish to create.

The Hopeful Initiator is the bridge that connects the present with tomorrow, because without hope, we wouldn’t have the courage or desire to dream of a new and better life, nor would we have the energy needed to move towards it.

Also Known As…

The Hopeful Initator is also known as the Innocent, Child, Dreamer, Idealist, Utopian, and in the tarot, The Fool.

At Her Best…

She believes in helping others dream and create a better future. She is happy, optimistic and always sees the silver lining.

At Her Worst…

She can be childish, naive and fanciful. Sometimes people can take advantage of her, or misunderstand her youthful qualities and try to save or protect her.

The Main Purpose of This Brand Archetype

The main purpose of the Hopeful Initiator brand archetype is to provide a bridge from the present to our “dreamt of” future. Hope is a vital ingredient in creating the better future of our dreams. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to take action out of fear, overwhelm or doubt.

Best Suited For…

  • The types of businesses best suited to the Hopeful Initiator brand archetype are coaches who work with a positive, hopeful and gentle approach.
  • Any business whose products and services are youthful, wholesome, pure and light-hearted.

Marketing Niche

  • The Hopeful Initiator appeals to clients who are looking for simple and straightforward solutions to their problems.
  • They prefer businesses, services and products that are unpretentious, with a positive and upbeat vibe.
  • Because they may feel stuck or overwhelmed, they want inspiration, motivation, and uncomplicated resources to help them move forward towards their goal.

Traits & Attributes for This Brand Archetype

  • Hopeful
  • Cheerful
  • Youthful
  • Young-at-heart
  • Optimistic
  • Delightful
  • Unpretentious
  • Kind
  • Future-Oriented
  • Curious
  • Wholesome
  • Trusting
  • Honest
  • Tender-hearted
  • Sweet
  • Subtle
  • Shy
  • Delicate
  • Simple
  • Gentle
  • Subtle
  • Nurturing
  • Soft
  • Idealistic

One of the best representatives I’ve seen of the Hopeful Initiator or Innocent brand archetype is Courtney Foster-Donahue. (1)

From the introductory video, complete with smiles, charm and BUBBLES, to the unicorn icons, pastel color scheme, the bright-eyed, beautiful and charming photographs, to the announcement on the homepage about her goal to help others and giving back through charity, this brand exudes the qualities of the Hopeful Initiator / Innocent brand archetype.

In addition, the way she presents her courses and content solidifies her brand’s message that she wants to support your dreams for your business, and her offerings are easy, practical and entertaining ways to help you get there.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience Courtney in her webinars, Facebook group or many very popular courses, you’re definitely missing out!

True to form for the Innocent brand, her delivery of some very complicated, technical and potentially overwhelming content is simple, straightforward, always positive and delivered with a charming youthfulness to help that medicine go down a lot easier.

(1) Note: These are just my interpretations of this brand. I have not worked with the brands mentioned in this section nor do I know if they used archetypes in their branding.

  • Forrest Gump
  • Cinderella
  • Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
  • Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol
  • Buddy from Elf
  • Dory from Finding Elmo

Is Your Brand the Hopeful Initiator?

Can you identify with the Hopeful Initiator brand archetype? Still not sure? Stay tuned because in the coming weeks I will cover all 12 of the brand archetypes. I’ll also share resources and inspiration you can use in your business including ideas for branding, visual branding, your brand’s voice, loads of design resources and more!

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The Hopeful Initiator / Also known as the Innocent brand archetype // Think Visually Design Studio

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