Graphic Design for Small Business Owners

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First, What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that is doing several things at once. Graphic design can capture the audience’s attention, convey information and evoke an emotion. Sometimes it can also induce a response or action.

If done well, graphic design can provide organization and structure to information. It can help us to see and understand what is important about that information. None of this happens by chance. The definition of the word “design” is the opposite of something happening by chance.

The act of designing is an act of problem solving. It is arranging the various elements of images and typography on a “page” by the designer. That “page” can be physical (a business card or poster) or virtual (a web page or social media graphic).

These problem-solving methods and techniques use the building blocks of design (elements of design). These building blocks use the principles of graphic design and rules of composition and layout to create a successful or unsuccessful design.

Even non-designers can often times look at a design and know something is off. But perhaps you don’t have the vocabulary and basic understanding to either use that understanding (DIY) or communicate with a designer (hire a designer).

The goal for this series of blog posts is to give you the basic knowledge and understanding that will hopefully help you do either DIY your own graphic design or confidently hire and work with a professional designer.

How to Use This Information

This information isn’t meant to be an in-depth study of graphic design. My goal is not to teach small business owners how to be a professional designer. My goal is two-fold:

  • For the DIYer, I want to provide enough information to help you design the design collateral you need while you build and grow your business.
  • For the small business owner ready to hire a professional designer, I want to provide the information you need to effectively and confidently hire, work with and communicate with a professional graphic designer.

Graphic Design Basics

  1. What is Graphic Design
  2. Elements of Graphic Design
  3. Principles of Graphic Design
  4. Page Layout & Graphic Design for the Non-Designer
  5. Basic Color Theory
  6. Color for the Non-Designer
  7. Typography for the Non-Designer
  8. Typography & Readability
  9. The Difference Between a Font and a Typeface
  10. What are Web Fonts?
  11. Raster vs Vector Graphics
  12. Image Quality
  13. What are the Different File Formats?
  14. What is Branding?
  15. What is Visual Branding?
  16. What Are the Different Types of Logos?
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