Hi there!

Thanks for popping onto my corner of the web.

My name is Kerry and I’m a brand stylist, graphic designer and web designer for new and growing creative businesses.

I work collaboratively with coaches, creatives and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them create a dynamic, authentic and cohesive online presence.

I have made it my mission to find creative and innovative ways to provide you with high quality, high-end designs that won’t cost you a fortune.

There are plenty of high-end designers who offer totally custom websites and branding packages. But the cost for these projects can range anywhere from $6000 to $10,000, and more.

There is nothing wrong with that. The services offered for such a steep price tag is a totally white glove, hands-on, exclusive, made to order experience.

But you're here because you are in a different place in your business

You don’t have the budget for such a boutique experience. The problem is, you have great taste, excellent style and a good eye for design. So-so and bland design won’t cut it for you. That puts you in a difficult place.

You crave high-end, beautiful and professional visual branding, a website and online presence that authentically represent your business so you can attract your dream clients. You want the best for your business but can’t afford the custom, totally done-for-you experience right now. So what can you do in the meantime?

You may have tried the do-it-on-your own, complete DIY approach. We’ve all been there in some aspect of our business. But it can take a lot of time and energy to learn all the things you need to learn and then actually create and do the things you need to do to develop your visual branding, website, social media graphics, print graphics, video, blogging, marketing, selling, and on and on and on.

How much do you have to DIY and when is it too much? The answer will depend on your skills, your willingness to learn what you need to learn, your time and your budget.

My goal is for us to work together to create the things you need to build the business of your dreams.

I am one part visual artist, one part design geek and one part teacher


What Does That Mean For You?

I love design and love creating high quality design for my clients. I love working with new business owners. I particularly get inspired to work with like-minded creatives and coaches who have a fire in their belly and want to change the world. .

No matter if you’re a brand new business owner or one who’s been in business a few years, I want to help you move to the next level of your business’ growth.

How Can I Do That?

I Can Work With You in Several Ways

Visual Branding: I can develop your visual branding for you (done-for-you). Or you can choose the more affordable DIY approach and take the Express Your Brand Workshop. Following the steps in the workshop, you’ll discover your brand’s identity and learn how to effectively express it through visual branding and your brand's voice. More info coming soon!

Web Design: Please be patient while I update my site!

Social Media Graphics: Info coming soon...

A la Carte Design Services: Info coming soon...

Who Are You?

You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, creative business owner or coach who is passionate about what you do.

You are committed to discovering and helping to build your brand’s personality and identity; you understand its one of the most important things you can do for your business.

You have a strong sense of style, a keen eye for design, great taste and crave professional high quality visual branding, web design and graphics for your business.

You understand  that high-end design isn’t cheap so you’re ready and willing to DIY some of branding and design assets to make certain your business moving in the right direction.

You are a good communicator. You're good at listening to observations and advice, and comfortable providing feedback.

You have a budget and are ready and willing to invest in your business.

You have time to work collaboratively with a professional designer to create your business’ visual branding, website, graphic design, and brand collateral.

How to Hire Me

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