Four Questions You Must Answer Before You Brand Your Business or Build Your Website

I realize that’s an exceptionally long title for a blog post. But I wanted to get your attention. This is important. So many people want to jump 10 steps ahead and create their website and get a cute logo for their biz, but they’re just wasting their time and money if they haven’t answered these questions first. So STOP right now and answer these questions before you worry one more second about what type of logo, color scheme or web design you need for your business.

So here it is, the question to begin and end all other questions for you business’ branding.

What Do You Want to Be Known For In Your Business?

Pretend two people are talking; one is asking the other for a recommendation about ___________. Her friend excitedly says, “Oh! You’ve got to check out XXXX’s website. She is exactly what you need.

If that conversation was about you, what product, service, course or whatever would fill in the blank of that sentence? Is that what you want to be known for? If you’re not sure, sit with it a few hours or few days. If you’re REALLY not sure then maybe you need more prompts. Keep reading.

Pretend you are 5 years in. You’ve had your business for 5 years. Someone is trying to book guests for their podcast and are looking for experts and thought leaders in a particular field. On what topic would they automatically think of you?

Too big? Okay. Pretend that someone is looking for guest bloggers for their blog. They post an announcement in a Facebook group. You read it and immediately get excited because you know this is right up your alley and will really help promote your business. What would you write about?

So Let’s Break This Down Into the Four Smaller Questions

You may have read these questions dozens of times. Maybe you took a stab at trying to answer them. Maybe you keep blowing them off. But I’m here to tell you, if you want to succeed in your business, you have to know where you’re going. And to know where you’re going you have to if you’re actually headed down the right path. In order to create the map so you can follow it, you need to answer these questions, on some level.

But what I’d like you to do is answer them based on that BIG QUESTION I asked above – what do you want to be known for in your business?

(1) Who do you want to work with?

Who is your dream client? Be as specific as possible, as though she were real, personified in one actual human being. Create an avatar of her. Give her a name. Find a picture that suits her. Create a Pinterest board for her. What’s she like? What’s her life like? Her hobbies? Her likes and dislikes? Write it all down. Make her as real as possible.

Then, everything you do, write, say, create, offer, sell should be filtered through whether or not she will read it, like it, will want to buy it, NEED IT and will help solve her problem.

(2) What does she need most in this world?

What is the problem she’s trying to solve? Pretend its a story. Once upon a time her life was perfect but then something happened, or didn’t happen. What is that thing she needs to solve? What issue does she need to overcome? What does she need help with? What does she need more of or less of? Where and why is she searching for assistance?

(3) What product, service, course – whatever – can you offer that will help solve her problem?

This really is why you’re here. Right? You have something you are so passionate about you chose to start your own business. So what is it? If you don’t have something to sell or a service to provide or training to offer, then its not a business.

(4) Why is your stuff better than anyone else’s?

If its not better, per se, why is it unique? Why will she buy your stuff and not someone else’s? Maybe its not the actual service, product or course you’re offering but the way you offer it? Maybe its your approach.

Hint: this is kinda important. Please refer back to the question “what do I want to be known for” to understand why.

Let’s say you’re a VA who offers accounting, bookkeeping and office management. Why and how are you different than all the others who do the same? Hint: don’t say price!! Ultimately the price doesn’t matter if you’re targeting the right clients with the right offer in the right way and offering tons of VALUE.

What makes your services or products different, unique, special? Or maybe it’s just the WAY you offer them – your approach.

I realize these aren’t easy questions to answer. But you don’t have to have all the answers 100% to all the questions. You just have to start. As you grow your business, you’ll circle back to these questions a LOT. You’ll refine who your ideal client is. You’ll figure out you like offering some products/services much more than others. And you’ll definitely get a clearer idea as to why you’re unique or begin to figure out ways to offer your services/products in unique ways.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I introduce another post asking one of the BIG questions about your brand’s story: what is the value you provide to others?

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