Hire Me to Be a

Part of Your Team

You have a vision for your business and know that it's time to hand over the branding, graphic design and technology work to a creative digital content producer who will help you find the quickest path forward to expand and grow your business.

I can be the secret weapon for your brand's visual identity - doing what I do best to make certain your brand is professional and consistent everywhere it shows up online and off. While you're doing your work, you can no longer afford to create your own brand development and graphics. You need someone on your team who can handle this stuff. That's me!

I provide innovative, creative and beautiful visual brand packaging that can take the work you do out into the world and help it connect to your audience.

How Can I Support Your Business?

Web Design & Development

Working as a part of your design & technology team, I can do any type of custom design or development work for your website. This might include adding pages and menu items, creating forms, adding plugins or even redesigning your entire website.

Visual Branding & Design Collateral

A powerful online presence needs a consistent and unique voice, and visual branding everywhere your business appears online and off. Creating a consistent and unique visual brand across all platforms helps you to differentiate your business and your brand from your competition and helps increase brand recognition and loyalty. Visual branding collateral can include graphics for your website, social media platforms or print design.

Information Design & Graphics

With an eye towards great design that is both informative and engaging, I can support your online and face-to-face webinars, workshops, and more.  From slide presentations for webinars to live conferences,  to infographics, charts and reports. I am an experienced graphic designer with both an art and graphics background as well as 20+ years experience in eLearning, training and education.

Multimedia & Course Development

We live in a visual world. There is nothing worse than an online course with ugly or uninspiring graphics, except one that doesn't have any visual design at all. Graphics can help tell the story or convey the information you're trying to get across in your course. They should add to the training, not detract from it.  As a graphic designer, educator, trainer and eLearning developer, I have the ability to create interesting, inspiring graphics and visuals that can take your training and courses to new levels.

Custom Illustrations

My background is as a fine artist and painter. However the first time I used Adobe Photoshop, I was hooked. I have been using the application for almost 25 years both personally and professionally. My illustrative style is digital collage or composites.

How Does It Work?

Depending on your needs, you can hire me for 5, 10, 15 or 20 hours per month. There is a 3-month minimum. After that you'll, you be on a month-to-month contract which means you cancel anytime after 3 months. As you would expect, this is time paid in advance. During those 30 days I'll devote the amount of time purchased for any graphic design, web design or web development project you need. The prices below are discounted from my base rate of $110 per hour.

5 Hrs / month

+ one (1) 30 minute planning/strategy meeting every month


10 Hrs / month

+ two (2) 30 minute planning/strategy meetings every month


15 Hrs / month

+ two (2) 30 minute planning/strategy meetings every month


20 Hrs / month

+ two (2) 45 minute planning / strategy meetings every month