I'm Kerry Boan and I create custom graphics for social media, websites and blogs.

I am a high-end designer whose work is on the level of a boutique designer or designer for agencies and large businesses. But I prefer to work with small businesses because I like the intimacy of working with individual people as opposed to committees and groups

My ideal clients are new and emerging female owned businesses. They are purpose-driven and creative entrepreneurs who have a mission to change the world which is galvanized by their passion and vision.

So I had a conundrum. I'm a high end graphic designer who prefers to work with small businesses who generally aren't in a place to be able to afford my services. Most new businesses can't afford to hire a graphic designer for totally custom, bespoke design work.

Even if you've been in business for only a short time, you have probably already figured out that high-end designs demand a premium price because of the time, energy and talent it takes to produce them.

I wanted to find an answer that would be a win-win solution for both me and my clients.

What's the Solution?

I came up with an idea that is a cross between completely custom graphics and templates you can buy at Creative Market. I knew neither of these solutions was a good fit for a lot of small business owners out there.

You can't afford to hire a designer for totally custom designs. And you don't want to spend hours using Canva or Photoshop customizing a template when what you want and need to be doing is growing your business!

So I created the sweet spot in between completely custom designs and templates. A hybrid of the two. With this solution, you get customized high-end, beautiful and professionally designed graphics for your website, blog and social media, but at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to hire a designer for custom work.

How Does it Work?

I've created several collections of designs. Most designs can be purchased in square, horizontal or vertical formats, which makes them perfect for your website, blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

There are three different pricing bundles to choose from. So...

  1. Choose your collection
  2. Choose your bundle
  3. Choose your specific designs within the collection, and
  4. I'll customize those designs using  your visual branding, your photographs and your message!

Curious to See the Designs?

Head Over to the shop

New designs are added to the shop on a regular basis, so keep coming back to see what's new.