25 Random Things About Me

25 random bits of information about me, in no particular order.

  1. I used to be a vegan.
  2. I like to try different things. So I’ve also been a vegetarian, followed the Microbiotic Diet, gone Paleo, did Whole 30 for over 90 days, among other things. Currently I eating a low Keto diet.
  3. I love to cook.
  4. I love all types of music but my favorite is Blues music.
  5. I met my husband in an online dating service.
  6. I have no kids but live with two crazy Cairn Terriers named Ruby and Milo.
  7. I collect crystals and have some very large ones in my collection of probably over 300 stones, crystal balls, points, wands, etc.
  8. I am a very visual person. My husband says that the FBI should use me in their face recognition software because I am very good at recognizing faces even years later.
  9. However, I am hopeless with names. When I was a teacher, my students would just shake their heads and moan for the first 3-6 weeks of school as I stumble over their names.
  10. I taught school for over 20 years and taught all ages from 3 years old to adults. Adults are by far the hardest group to deal with, particularly teachers!
  11. I taught in almost every conceivable environment — from the projects on Coney Island Brooklyn to a school in Katy Texas where LITERALLY there were cows across the street. I preferred the projects to the cows.
  12. The neighborhood in Brooklyn was so scary that when school let out, they “closed the metal gate” and I RAN to the subway station. The afternoons were more dangerous than the mornings because in the early am, the drug dealers had just gone to bed. By the time school was out…they were just getting up. Suffice it to say, we didn’t have a lot of parent-teacher conferences.
  13. The reason I worked in such crazy surroundings is because for the first several years of my teaching career I was actually an Art Therapist. I taught therapeutic art and did art therapy in four schools in the New York City area, seeing some very very disturbed children.
  14. One of the craziest jobs I’ve ever had was as a “Fire Watcher” in college. There were some dorms that were trailers set up in the parking lot of an old hotel. The trailers were too close together for fire codes, so they paid students to watch them in case of fire. Yeah….the. most. boring. job. ever.
  15. I was also a Tourist Greeter (where I got to ride around on a moped), a Police dispatcher (very stressful), a night auditor at a luxury resort, a waitress at dozens of restaurants, and a cookie maker at a gourmet bakery, just to name a few of the odd jobs I’ve had in my life.
  16. I was born and raised in the south, didn’t move away until my late 20’s. However even though both of my parents were also born and raised in the south, for some reason I never had a southern accent. When I went to college (in the south) people kept asking me where I was from because I didn’t have a southern accent. I have no idea why.
  17. I use to play the clarinet in middle and high school. I hated the clarinet; I wanted to play the flute. I also hated my HS band director. Sadly, now I can’t even read music. Total mental block.
  18. I also used to speak French (not fluently) but forgot most of that too.
  19. I have natural monovision – one near-sighted eye and one-far sighted eye. For most of my life they compensated for each other and I never needed glasses. But now I have presbyopia and all hell has broken lose.
  20. I was born with the first name “Kerry.” I changed the spelling from Kerry to Kary about 17 years ago, with a few unofficial others in between (Kerrie, Kerie and I think even Keri). I’ve recently decided to change it back to the original spelling.
  21. Did you know there are 26+ ways to spell the name “Kerry/Kary/Carrie/Kari/Keri?”
  22. I have a hard time settling down in one location for very long and would love to live in different cities all over the country.
  23. But at the same time I want to own my own home in the country and grow vegetables. But I’d also like to live in the city. Therein lies the predicament of my life. I want to do, see, try, own just about everything.
  24. It’s probably one reason why I traveled around the country in a travel trailer all by myself for about 3 months in 2017. I wanted to do it for 4-6 months but ran into some problems that cut my trip short. I want to go out again in the summer of 2018 and travel out west for a little while.
  25. I love personality tests and I would say my life-long quest is to figure out who I am and what my purpose is here in this lifetime. For all you other personality test junkies out there: I am an ENFP (MBTI), Type 4 with 3 Wing (Enneagram), Emotional Generator (Human Design), strong “I” or influential in the DISC personality system, and was tested with the strengths of Restorative, Futuristic, Relator, Ideation and Strategic in the Gallup Strengthsfinder.
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